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Volvo Cars Counted Among Most Ethical Companies of the World In 2019

Volvo LogoThe Ethisphere Institute is a prestigious organization that scrutinizes the ethical standards of all corporate companies of the world. It verifies all corporate ethics of the companies and lists a few commercial organizations, which are found to maintain all necessary business ethics. Its recognition as ‘World’s Most Ethical Companies’ is an honor for any industry, after which that company is included in Business Ethics Leadership Alliance (BELA).

Volvo Cars is named by the Ethisphere Institute as the ‘World’s Most Ethical Company, 2019’. This company is receiving this honor for three consecutive years now, which is a great achievement for a commercial organization. This year, 128 companies were shortlisted from all over the world, for awarding this title. But among them, only 4 companies have been finally selected for this recognition in the Automotive category, Volvo Cars being one of them.

Reasons for naming Volvo Cars as World’s Most Ethical Company

    • Maria HemBerg is presently handling the role of Senior Vice President Group Legal, General Counsel and Chair of Volvo Cars’ Sustainability Board in Volvo Company. According to her, responsible business is the fundamental ethics maintained in this company, both for their staffs and their business partners.
    • The strong ethical sense of this company inspires the most competent professionals to join and remain associated with it for a long time. So the company makes sure to maintain this ethical approach in all their business dealings, for which it is chosen for this esteemed recognition of the Ethisphere Institute.
    • Volvo Cars has now initiated a special Compliance and Ethics program, to maintain its commercial commitment in all aspects. This program also prevents all types of unethical works of employees and partners, thus diminishing the numbers of illegal practices in the company to a great extent.
    • The main part of this exclusive program is the code of conduct that is named as ‘Our Code – How We Act’, as well as the ‘Code of Conduct for Business Partners’, which make this company distinct from others. Both these codes are based on international standards and business protocol. All the employees and business partners of Volvo Cars are bound to follow these codes while working for this company.
    • Therefore, now Volvo Cars has launched a training program for all its staffs, particularly for those working in managerial ranks. This training is aimed at teaching them the ideal corporate behavior so that they can be role models to their juniors in the company.

Hence, there is absolutely no doubt that the Ethisphere Institute is right in choosing Volvo Cars for the recognition of ‘World’s Most Ethical Company, 2019. It's just another reason Erie Vo-Vo chose to be exclusive to selling used Volvo parts.

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