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Introduction of a New Version of Volvo XC90 SUV Car in Market

New XC90 2020Volvo is a world famous car manufacturing company that is operating successfully since 1927. Now it is owned by Zhejiang Geely Holding, a renowned automobile group of China, since 2010. The latest achievement of Volvo is the introduction of a refreshed version of its famous model XC90 SUV, a large-sized family car that is already very popular in the market. 

Notable features of the new Volvo XC90 SUV car

    • The most remarkable feature of this new XC90 SUV of Volvo Company is its fully electrified powertrain, with its new ‘B’ badge. It is comprised of the present internal combustion engines of Volvo car, combined with the kinetic energy recovery brakes. This powertrain is very useful for saving fuels up to 15% while driving. Moreover, it also reduces the emission of harmful gases while driving this car.
    • A new brake system is introduced in this Volvo car, which is perfect coordination between the brake-by-wire mechanism and kinetic energy recovery technique. As more energy is recovered on pressing this brake, very less emission occurs and saves a lot of fuel expense.
    • This new version of the XC90 model of Volvo car with ‘B’ badge is quite close to the total electrification of vehicles. The current T8 Twin Engine has been provided with a plug-in option for electrification in this new model.
    • Apart from the better internal mechanisms, new XC90 SUV is also marked with an improved style of the existing award-winning external car design, comprising of uniqueness in wheel structure, superb exterior body colors and a new grill of latest format.
    • The original interior design of Volvo car that has won prestigious awards is kept intact in XC90 model, with the only difference that this new model is available with any number of seats, as needed by the buyers. This car has options of various seating arrangements, with further facilities of personalization in the interior space
    • All the innovative technologies adopted for designing other 60 and 90 models of Volvo car are maintained in this latest XC90 car as well. So the users can expect to get all the facilities that are found in other Volvo vehicles, along with the latest additions.
    • The drivers are provided utmost safety for avoiding all sorts of accidents in XC90, by introducing City Safety system with Autobrake, which automatically spot the pedestrians, cyclists, and stray animals and avoid collisions with them. This car is also equipped with Blind Spot Information system, which detects the presence of other vehicles while changing lanes or while backing in a blind lane. Moreover, Cross Traffic Alert and Online Lane Mitigation systems introduced in the XC60 model are also included in this highly advanced car.

Therefore, it is no wonder that the XC90 SUV of Volvo Company has gained huge popularity and till now, more than 320,000 cars of this model are already sold worldwide.

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